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If you're running a GMC type 6-71 or 8-71 GMC supercharger, We build a 4- sidedraft carburetion system that will set your the engine apart from other blower engines. This is guaranteed to make people stop and look.

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Aug 30, 2013 · if this is a street car, and you are going to run pump gas,,unlike the jap tuner cars with tons of boost and computers to control it,,,93 octane will only support 9 pounds of boost,,the boost wil be determined by your compression and your blower final drive,, i am runing 7.76 compression,,and 6% undriven on my blower pulleys and i can make 13 ...

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we turbo'ed a 03 cobra at my old work had the stock blower on it and two 57mm hit 27 psi pre blower and had no problems with it customer still running setup today, they can take it , no need to bypass the blower acts as a pump, it works no matter how much psi it sees untill its parts fail that is, a blower being feed by a turbo is simple the blower positive displacement say a 6-71 = 426 ci is ...

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Excuse me , I don't think so. Firstly the 4-71 blower will be out of air even on a healty 350. You can't simply rev the blower higher because its air flow efficiency will drop real fast after about 20% overdrive, in other words, this lil blower will choke a 468" for sure.

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All superchargers are built in Weiand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing cell and each supercharger is 100% boost tested to help you squeeze out maximum power and efficiency. DETAILS: Horsepower gain: 50%+ 6-71 supercharger head unit, 5-12 psi Belt Drive System: 1/2" Pitch Drive Belt Fuel Pump Supplied: None Supplied

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While the aforementioned process can offer reasonable performance at low pressures, say 5 to 6 psig, operation at one atmosphere (14.7 psig) and above, clearly shows the limitations of the device. When operating a Roots supercharger at higher pressures, it is probable that half of the input power is consumed to make heat rather than pressure.

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Check out 25 Detroit 6-71 Engine Assy Parts for sale. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. ... Blower on passengers side Call the following ...

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They achieve more volume and pressure than a standard roots setup. An example of a centrifugal would be a Powerdyne or Vortech supercharger. If you are looking for a complete kit for the 4.6 look to the Kenne Bell setup for the 96 Mustang Cobra. That year had the same heads as the Lincoln motor and would make the conversion much easier.

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Any one with a blower or experience with one, i would greatly appreciate it if you posted your pulley sizes and how much boost your making. Thank you in advanced. 15' SS LSA blower, LS9 cam, 6/4 piston brakes, eibachs

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I tried a billet rotor 14-71 blower but found them to be no better than the cast rotor as far as performance. I think the cast rotor actually went a bit quicker as the increased boost of a billet rotor blower "cost" too much power to make versus the power it gave me.

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Typical gamers don't need to pay double the price for a relatively modest boost in performance. ... with the Turbo line still sporting a blower-style cooler. ... (and now 456.71) drivers, there ...
Using your stuff (411 is a good number for a standard, tight 6-71) and a barometer of 28.70" as an example: ( ( (411 * 2 * 1.29)/481) -1) * ( (14.8 * 28.70)/29.92) (1.20453) * (14.1965) 17.1 PSI. If you crunch it again and use 494 for the blower (decent, tight 12-71), you'll get 23.4 PSI.
Yup, for some reason the 6-71 got called a 238 (hp) in a truck and the 8V-71 was a 318 in a truck. There were a few uncommon variants to those hp numbers in the case of a factory turbocharged engine.
Oct 12, 2018 · Again it can be done, its all in the build, & by understanding the build, & then building it properly. I could increase the boost, it is a Dart block with forged internals, etc etc. But was built most as a street machine. And without abusing her, Redline at 6.2k, 10 PSI, & at 2k RPM i am over 500 ft lbs of torque & it just climbs. And she is gone!
Dec 17, 2006 · The out-of-the-box pulleys only made 2 psi boost, gaining 82 hp and 70 lb-ft over zero boost. We ordered a 2.85-inch blower pulley (PN 6790, $71) and used it with the stock 6.00-inch crank pulley ...

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Any one with a blower or experience with one, i would greatly appreciate it if you posted your pulley sizes and how much boost your making. Thank you in advanced. 15' SS LSA blower, LS9 cam, 6/4 piston brakes, eibachs
Dec 12, 2020 · If the gas blower has an electric starter, make sure the blower is plugged into an outlet. Otherwise, if the gas is more than 30 days old, ethanol in the fuel may have caused moisture to build up ... Oct 17, 2002 · When I say 6 psi of boost, I mean the blower outputs 6 psi of boost over atmospheric pressure. Which means the engine will be ingesting roughly 40% more oxygen than it could normally aspirated. There's no way a roots blower can run 18 psi, no matter how big it is. The design simply isn't efficient enough.